Cialis vs Viagra – what drug is the best to take for treating ED?

The problem of the choice: Cialis vs Viagra?

Men are generally quite indifferent to their health. This applies to everything except their sexual health. Erectile dysfunction or impotence – it’s like a frightening verdict for any man, no matter how old he is 60 or 30. For the sake of this problem, they will seek a solution in the Internet, medical reference books, and the most courageous ones will go to the doctor. Of course, visiting doctor, exploration, conducting of medical analysis is much more preferable. It will prevent other health problems. And the doctor is the only person who can prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Of course, among other treatment modalities oral pills are the easiest and what is most importantly a very effective way to deal with erectile dysfunction. Pharmaceutical companies offer the buyer a lot of drugs for ED treatment. The most famous are Cialis or Viagra.
And some questions appear before the men:

  • What medication to choose: Viagra or Cialis?
  • Which drug will solve their problem and, finally, will make happy?
  • How fast the action of the drug?
  • How long will the desired effect last?
  • Is it possible to take Cialis or Viagra simultaneously with food or alcohol?
  • What dose is the most effective?
  • How often should you take the drug?
  • Are there any dangerous side effects?
  • How much do the medications cost?

The answers to these exciting questions will reveal the merits and demerits of the products and will help you make the right choice.

Cialis and Viagra – history of invention.

Oddly enough, but Viagra appeared by chance. In the late 90-ies of the last century, the US company Pfizer engaged in the invention of the angina treatment drug. However, clinical trials have shown that the main drug substance sildenafil was useless. However, experimental subjects enthusiastically argued on the pleasant side effect, namely a potency improvement. Managers understood that the drug still will earn much money to the company.
The merger of two words“Vigor” and “Niagara Falls” gave the name of the new miraculous medication.Complex and long tests confirmed the unusual properties of Viagra. Efficacy and safety of the pills dealing with erectile dysfunction was proven and the release of the drug was authorized by the US Drug Control Department in 1998.
The history of Cialis invention is less interesting. The medicine development had been carried out deliberately since 1993. After several years of clinical studies, the pills were allowed to be sold in 2002.

cialis versus viagraDespite the fact that different companies worked on the drug development, the mechanism of action is very similar. And it’s quite simple: medications slow down the action of enzyme phosphodiesterase 5, which affects adversely the substance responsible for the nerve impulses transmission to the penis. It increases the amount of blood flow to the corpus cavernosum penis, which leads to a natural good erection. It makes it possible to sexual contact and prolongs its duration.
Nowadays they are successfully used as a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction and a relief of symptoms of ED.

Cialis vs Viagra – are there really any differences?

The question is very important. Let us show you all the Cialis and Viagra dissimilarities in the following list. These comparative characteristics of Viagra vs Cialis need to learn to make the right choice:

  • Actual substance:

Cialis: Tadalafil;
Viagra: Sildenafil.

  • Adjusted dosage:

– Cialis: 20mg
– Viagra: 100mg

  • Maximum daily dosage:

– Cialis: 40mg
– Viagra: 200mg

  • The onset of action:

– Cialis: in 15-20 minutes;
– Viagra: in 45-50 minutes.

  • Effective drug duration:

– Cialis: 36 hours;
– Viagra: 4 hours.

  • Effect:

Cialis: enhanced erection during sex; drug shows its effectiveness only after a thorough sexual stimulation of erogenic zones;
Viagra: strong erection before sex.


  • Simultaneous usage together with alcohol:


Cialis: you can take Cialis not less than 15 minutes before drinking alcohol;
Viagra: It is possible to take not less than 1 hour before drinking alcohol.


  • Contraindications:


hepatic failure, nephatony, amphiboles degenerative disease, anatomical penis deflections, Tadalafil Hyperresponsiveness.

Viagra: leukemia, vascular heart disease, sickle-cell disease, pancreatic diabetes, anatomic penis deflections, Sildenafil hyperresponsiveness.


  • Side effects:


Cialis: a headache, stomachache, face reddening, faintness, flatulence;
Viagra: a headache, stomachache, face reddening.

As you see, the mechanism of actions of both medications is the same, contraindications and side effects are also very similar. The only things they differ from each other are onset of action and effective drug duration. Of course, mean values are pointed here. It is worth remembering that each person body is unique that’s why different people may react to the same medication differently.

Cialis vs Viagra –what do the doctors say?

cialis or viagraWhen prescribing, physicians, are basing on the subject health primarily. Also, they have to pay attention to immediate causes of erectile dysfunction and what effects the patients are waiting from the pills. In such a way Viagra is administered if the erectile dysfunction is caused by medical problems, including urological and neurological diseases. Also, Viagra and Cialis are widely used as a mild way to maintain male potency after a long sexual abstinence.
If the patient doesn’t have any serious health problems he is free to choose: Viagra or Cialis.

It often happens that patients after a successful drug application, ask their doctors to re-assign the medication. If there isn’t any positive effect, then they ask to prescribe them another drug. Doctors say that making a choice between Cialis vs. Viagra, the possible side effects are not traditionally perceived as a determining factor, because they are similar. They may include a headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose, and changes in vision. The death or heart attack may occur when taking Viagra or Cialis in combination with drugs (nitroglycerin), to lower blood pressure. The main thing for them – is to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Also, doctors note that the number of patients who prefer Cialis has increased in recent years. Many people like the fact that its action doesn’t occur immediately, and they may not be afraid of instant erections, which is not always convenient. One of the main differences in Cialis vs. Viagra is effective drug duration. And the patients are thrilled with the drug duration, which intensifies pleasure and saves their money.
If to talk about the efficiency and price of Cialis versus Viagra, most men making a choice do not rely on these characteristics. And, Cialis and Viagra is effective in the majority of cases (about 70%). Their price range is also almost the same; Cialis can be a bit cheaper.

Where to Buy Generic or Brand Viagra Online

When buying Viagra online, it is important to know the difference between the two main types of Viagra that are there; brand and generic Viagra.
Brand Viagra is FDA approved and is only accessible with a prescription. It comes in diamond-shaped blue pills. Pfizer is the original manufacturer.
Depending on where you are buying the drug, cost per pill is averaged at $38. Pharmacies sell the pills in packets of about 10 pills or more. Most users prefer to buy Viagra online since it is open to discounts, free coupons and delivery services.
Generic Viagra on the other hand is much cheaper. A pill sells at about $3 and $1 in bulk. In nations such as India and Mexico, you can buy generic Viagra online even without a prescription. Canadian pharmacies also sell generic Viagra.
Online Viagra, whether generic or brand has the same effects. In fact, there is no difference between the two, in relation to chemical makeup. Both rely on sildenafil as the main ingredient.
To ensure that you don’t buy fake online Viagra, check for a pharmacy’s legitimacy on official websites operated by, CIPA and FDA.

Where to Buy Generic or Brand Cialis Online

Cialis online can be bought in brand or generic pills. It comes in yellow almond-shaped pills. Tadalafil is the active ingredient regardless of the type, brand or generic.
Before you buy Cialis online, information on price, use, side effects and where best to buy the pills should be accessed.
Brand pills sell averagely at $42 per pill. Any legit Cialis online pharmacy will offer services such as coupons, delivery services and professional information on how and when to use the drug. Be sure to check for that.
Generic Cialis online can be accessed at relatively cheaper prices. A pill averagely sells at $4. When buying in bulk, this cost can fall to as low as $0.8 per pill. This will however depends on where you are buying the pills from. Traditionally, Indian pharmacies are the cheapest but Canadian ones are more trustworthy.
In the USA, it is not legal to buy generic Cialis online even with a prescription. Ignore any Cialis online pharmacy claiming to be operating from inside the US. A better approach is to check for legit pharmacies as listed on or on CIPA and FDA official websites.