Sex as ED precaution

A good sex – what is it?

Every man understands good sex differently. Someone likes spontaneous and fast one. Some people like pre-prepared and slow coition. Many people are crazy about the game sex, when they want to play the role of a whore, a policeman or a doctor. But absolutely all agree that sex should give satisfaction.
Sex will bring satisfaction if both partners want the coition with each other. Finally, there is no good sex if at least one of the partners doesn’t get satisfaction. If a male orgasm is more or less clear, the female orgasm is much more complicated process. Studies have shown that it is stronger and more intense, but it is more difficult to be achieved than the male one.

It is an open secret that the female orgasm is more likely to occur during a long intercourse. But if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, sexual pleasure is not available to him and his partner. For the ED treatment surgical and medical methods are used nowadays. The most popular, effective and safe ones are Viagra and Cialis. Recently, however, Cialis is becoming more popular due to the effective drug duration.

When is a man able to have sex?

If men feel a desire to have sexual contact, has sex and pleasure himself and his partner, then it’s safe to say that there are no big problems in his health. Good erection occurs when a man has got:

  • Correct level of male hormones, because they are responsible for the sexual desire and arousal.
  • Healthy vessels. Blood flows to the penis mostly on small vessels and problems with vessels may be a symptom of other more serious diseases. For example, many doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is the first sign of cardiovascular disease.
  • Good nerve conduction. Its absence speaks about the development of neuropathic processes in the body.
  • The lack of anatomical defects that prevent intercourse.
  • Is sex able to improve health?

    Nature would have it that a man feels like a full-fledged male only if his body is experiencing thirst of reproduction. If he doesn’t feel satisfaction from sexual intercourse as a conqueror with a woman, nature strikes his potency. The desire for sex is extinguished and the man is no longer interested in it. Scientists have found that a man, having regular sex with a regular partner, lives longer and happier than that one who prefers to change sexual partners frequently. Sex has beneficial effects on health because of the hormones development that controls many vital processes. They are responsible for the mental faculties, digestion, growth, skin health, immunity work and so on.
    So regular coitus with a regular partner helps to:

  • Strengthen heart,
  • Strengthen nerves,
  • Strengthen abdominal cavity organ,
  • Have less hepatic disorders,
  • Have less chronic conditions,
  • Promote metabolism,
  • Improve immunity.
  • How often can regular sex happen?

    Each person is unique; each has its own temperament and psychological features. Therefore, it’s impossible to say definitely how often one or the other person should have sex. Some people can make love several times a day. Others need it once a week only.Usually, a person under the age of 30 years have sex 4-5 times a week, up to 40 – 3-4, up to 50 years – 2-3 times.But on average 2-3 times a week is quite normal even if you’re in your twenties. If there are any problems with regularity in sex because of some health problems, some men start taking Viagra or Cialis. Soon they usually forget about those troubles.