An introduction to Testosterone Boosters: What they do and why they work

Male sexual development

The differentiation of sexual organs begins while you’re a fetus. Deep in the womb, hormonal fluctuations already begin coding how your reproductive system will turn out. There is even evidence that prenatal testosterone impacts stereotypically gender-related behaviors later in life and impacts mammalian brains structurally. This phenomenon is actually a hot topic in gender research.

Does testosterone make you horny?

We typically hear more about testosterone beyond infancy, when a boy hits puberty or is becoming sexually active. We least to associate higher levels with “manliness,” and that holds some truth. This is the natural chemical that gives those chiseled faces, rugged body hair, and bulky builds we call masculine features. It also is the mastermind behind the sex drive we tease young teens of having. Even when introduced into your system superficially, testosterone does make you horny. Conversely, lack thereof will hamper you.

What do testosterone boosters do?

Inopportunely, some struggle to support average levels. This doesn’t equate to a celibacy sentence. There are several products available to fight off erectile dysfunction. One such invention is testosterone boosters. What do testosterone boosters do? They lift your testosterone levels. They are meant to be a less pharmaceutical alternative to Viagra Generic or Cialis Generic.

Do testosterone boosters work?

With so many scams on the marketplace, it is imperative not to get scammed. There is a lot of hype, but how to boosters hold up? Researchers asking “do testosterone booster work?” led to inconsistent results. You need to read the fine print when it says how it tested. Claims are based on animal trials, anecdotes, case studies, in vitro, and human trials. Double check that the results of the studies are applicable to you. Look at the ingredients and customer reviews before you acquire anything. Keep in mind if your body is already producing sufficient levels of testosterone, synthetically boosting them is not going to directly cure your erectile dysfunction. Also, boosters are things you take in combination. Supplements are intended to supplement, not cure something on its own.

Best testosterone booster for sex

The best testosterone booster for sex depends on you. Although there is no surefire product, there are some that come with a heavy recommendation:

D-Aspartic Acid: believed to increase testosterone levels by encouraging the propagation of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. These create Leydig cells in tests where testosterone is synthesized. It is also claimed to improve sperm quality and count. Has been tested in humans and model organisms.

Tribulus Terrestris: This herb has been circulating around for centuries. Although the bulk of research focuses on mice and other rodents, human trials indicate it is good for those suffering from decreased testosterone (however no way is a benefit to individuals who are already athletic and fit and have not testosterone shortage.

Fenugreek: This popular herb based booster may reduce enzymes responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Comprehensive human studies have been conducting with promising results. Overall improvements in sexual satisfaction and libido were fortified.

Ginger: Ginger is great for overall health. It soothes inflamed areas and has had positive effects on rat trials. Transitions over to human trials have also yielded good results, but it is still rather early on in research.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): Manages estrogen levels in a plethora of well-founded human experiments. Extensive literature research, as well as ongoing trials, demonstrate success. However, with great power comes great responsibility -this substance is banned in professional sports so not an option to competitive athletes.

Are there side effects to natural testosterone supplements for men?

Just because something is from a plant or organic doesn’t mean it is automatically risk-free. Natural testosterone supplements for men all come with individual dangers. Since many of them work by targeting blood flow, a dip in blood pressure or heart palpitations are a common risk. You can minimize your chances of encountering harsh side effects by consulting with your doctor beforehand and adhering to the advised dose.