ED Prevention: What Should Young and Healthy Men Do to Avoid Impotence!

Young guys rarely think of possible future problems with potency as long as they are healthy and feel good. When replete with sex drive, the last thing in the world to divert time to is prevention of diseases. But this approach is not the smartest. Statistics shows that over 50 percent of all men sooner or later face symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Men who manage to avoid this troublesome, provoking issue and preserve sexual power till olden days are commonly those who lead a healthy lifestyle, have no weight problems and are free of stresses. Unfortunately, the number of such lucky men is decreasing from year to year.

What Can Men Do to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

To prevent ED development and strengthen sexual health as a whole, one should lead a healthy lifestyle. It is an integrated model of lifestyle, containing a lot of aspects. Here are some of them:

  • Weight management. Maintaining body weight is an important aspect in ED prevention. Almost 90 percent of obese or overweight men have potency problems. Obesity impacts heart and vascular system, and erection quality depends on the quality of circulation. High cholesterol levels also have a negative impact on the vessels. Finally, overweight men often have problems with libido and sex drive and get tired quickly when making sex.
  • Nowadays sport must be an integral part of every man’s life, because the majority of people living in the modern society lack physical strenuousness. Regular exercising allows for strengthening muscles and blood vessels, oxygenation of the entire body and training of the cardiac muscle. Men leading a passive life are much more prone to problems with potency and libido.
  • ED Prevention: What Should Young and Healthy Men Do to Avoid Impotence!Say “no” to stresses. Today a lot of men live in the state of permanent stress. Stress surrounds them everywhere – at work, in the street, in traffic jams, in public transport. It is very important to find something that would help us to have good, deep rest. For some people it can be meditation, for others – swimming or walking in the forest. And still others need just to sit alone with a favorite book or movie.
  • Regular sex. Like any other body function, sexual function needs regular training. And the best exercise is regular sex. By the way, statistics says that those men having a regular partner face potency problem less frequently.

Are there Any Drugs for ED Prevention?

There are no any special medications which help prevent ED. Doctor recommend just to consume healthy food containing all necessary micro- and macronutrients and lead a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of ED development.

If despite all your preventive measures you happened to have erectile dysfunction, take only trusted drugs with a proven efficiency to struggle the disorder. Such drugs are, for example, Viagra or Cialis. They are safe for health and effectively relieve the symptoms of the dysfunction at any stage of its development.