Erectile dysfunction – a problem that can be solved in instant!

What is erectile dysfunction?

Another denotation of erectile dysfunction is impotency. From Latin language, this word means “weakness.” In context, it’s an inability to attain a quotidian erection resultant in satisfaction for both parties. This disease makes ejaculation and coition impossible. The causes of this condition are different. Andrologists, urologists and sexual pathologists study and treat the disease.

Types and causes of erectile dysfunction

There are three types of ED: psychogenic, organic and mixed forms. Each of these forms has its own causes.

The psychogenic form is promoted with:

  • Drain,
  • Mental depression,
  • Neurosis,
  • Drinking alcohol,
  • Taking drugs,
  • Taking psychoactive substances,
  • Vessels and nerves disorders of the penis.

Libido is decreased and the erection is maintained during the psychogenic form.

As a result, there is no erection but libido is saved. The following diseases can be the causes of this form:

  • Nervous disorders,
  • Endocrine diseases,
  • Diseases of the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis and providing blood flow, Virilia diseases.

Mixed form appears when pathology in penis structure leads to a stressful situation. As a result coition is impossible.

Symptoms of ED

Currently, a third of all men have some form of impotency. Unfortunately not only older men suffer from ED. Some young people may find some of the symptoms even at 20 years. In order not to diagnose non-existent disease, men should know the main symptoms of ED: insufficient hardness of penis during intercourse; weakening of erection during coition; long time to achieve a normal erection; absence of erection during coition desire; decreased sexual desire; violation of orgasm; fast coition.

The first signs of the disease may be weak. And the man might think that he is just tired or drank too much. But if these symptoms are repeated then it’s time to visit a doctor.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The ability of the men to have sex is extremely important for them, that’s why it’s recommended to trust ED treatment only to doctors. Of course, on the Internet, you can find different ways to help by yourself. But any mistake can be serious. Only certified doctors can dictate adequate treatment of the problem.Currently, ED treatment is possible with:

  • testosterone;
  • oral phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (Cialis, Viagra);
  • injection into the corpora cavernosa;
  • urethral suppositories.

Of course, oral pills are the easiest and what is most importantly a very effective way to deal with erectile dysfunction. Furthermore they are less intimidating when compared with injections and suppositories.