Everything you Need to Know about Erections and Make the most out of your member

Erection factoids

The record for largest recorded erection is held by Jonah Falcon with his 13.5 inch penis (surpassing a foot)!

Orgasms can be achieved in men without erections.

Prolonged bicycling and smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Humans have the largest penis of primates (gorillas are only 2 inches vs and bonobo and chimpanzees genitals are more slender).

Blue Whales’ impressive penises -are 10 feet back to tip and 12 inches in diameter.

Humans are unlike most mammalian species, lacking a baculum (literal penis bone).

Iceland has a lovely phallic museum.

How to get an erection

Mostly, much effort isn’t needed to figure out how to get an erection. For most, it comes naturally. You can get erections at a very young age. At birth, you have all the equipment, wires, and plumbing to achieve an erection. Some unsuspecting parents find it alarming when their babies or toddlers have them -but it’s healthy. (Although your body doesn’t produce sperm and you aren’t anatomically mature enough to impregnate until you’re at least an adolescent.)

In puberty, erections can happen from anything. I’m confident you can think back to a cringy nightmare were you had an unwanted shock. Once you gain authority over your bodily functions and the pubertal transition is complete, you will notice you get them from arousal. While you can get hard out of unsexual excitement (being scared or in danger), sexual stimulation is the standard trigger.

This can be anything from your personal fetish to seeing a girl you find attractive and begin to fantasize about. Watching porn or reading erotic material can get you in the mood -alone or with a partner present.

Ways to get the best erection

Try different ways to get the best out of your erection. Having your member in elite condition can make for upgraded sexual experiences. avoiding blunt force to the genital area is a great place to start. As horrifying as it sounds, your penis CAN break. It is not as durable as you think, and there is a reason it’s so painful when you get kicked in the nuts. wear a cup when you’re playing rough sports and discourage your friends from doing stupid things.

The next best thing is to track your global health. Stay on top of your diet -certain foods are bad for blood flow or make you at risk to contract illnesses that impact penile health. Hygiene is also a must as it limits your chance for infection which could cause nerve damage and physical deformation.

How to get a full erection

If you are healthy and have no erectile dysfunction problems, you’ll get a full erection after sufficient stipulation. Becoming stiff is not an instantaneous event. You don’t always see a sexy lady and BAM. If you only become partially erect, contact your doctor. This could be a sign of a mild erectile dysfunction. They can offer treatment options and teach you how to get a full erection.

How to get an erection fast

If you want to know how to get an erection fast, you need to hone your mind’s eye. What is most arousing to you? Whether it be a certain perfume scent, pornographic movie scene, lingerie, or television character (no judgment), focusing on that and concentrating your energy on sex is your best shot. This requires intimate knowledge and previous exploration. Explore your preferences. taboos aside, masturbation is a great activity that rewards you for exploring your nether regions and finding what suits you. Myths surrounding the negative implications of masturbating are unfounded and rooted in outdated religiously or politically charged stances. Your knuckles won’t get hairy, your members won’t shrink, you won’t get autistic, and it’s not deviant behavior. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, then try medication like Viagra Generic or Cialis a half hour prior anticipation of sex.

How to get a hard-on after coming

Learning how to get a hard-on after coming can be a little complicated. Our bodies are hardwired to have a refractory period. During these periods directly proceeding ejaculation, it’s hard to get an erection again. This is ingrained in you. Certain male enhancement medications such as Viagra may shorten this window by a bit in some accounts.