1. How many times a day can I take Viagra or Cialis?
Viagra and Cialis are medications of PDE-5 inhibitors and it is bad for the health to take them more than once a day. It may lead to unwanted side effects. Don’t exceed the prescribed dosage even if you haven’t got the desirable effect. Consult your doctor, maybe you’ve got some health problems.

2. How quickly do Viagra and Cialis start working? How does food affect the drug action?
Usually Viagra starts working within 40-50 minutes. Some men can feel the onset of action in 30 minutes. Also it isn’t recommended to take Viagra after over fat nourishment because it can decrease the drug effect. Cialis usually start working within 15-40 minutes. There is no data about the food effect on drug action.

3. Viagra or Cialis: which one to choose?
All people are unique and so are their organisms. Viagra works great for some people but Cialis is the best for others. If you’re taking Cialis, for example, and don’t get expectation effect, ask your doctor to prescribe you another medication. It may work better for you.

4. Why don’t Viagra and Cialis work?
If men have got ED, only 50-80% of them have positive effect from taking Viagra or Cialis. If they don’t work you should consult your doctor once more for additional test results and other methods of ED treatment. He can offer you penile prosthesis surgery, a prostaglandin injection or various vacuum suction devices that can be more effective in your case.

5. Cialis and Viagra: which medicine is better?
It depends on the person’s health and his body reactions. Most of young men choose Cialis because it stays in the system for 2 days already. At the same time Viagra maintains its effect for not more than 5 hours. Also, 20 gr of Cialis let you be ready for sex at any time within those 2 days.

6. How should I take Viagra?
You should take Viagra out of necessity about one hour prior to expectative coition. The usual dose is 50 mg. You may increase the dose up to 100 mg if there is no expectation effect. But not more than 200 mg, it’s a maximum daily dosage. And you can decrease the dosage is the side effects are insufferable. Also you should remember that you can take Viagra only once a day.

7. What is the adjusted dosage of Cialis?
Cialis should be taken out of necessity before sexual contact not more than once a day. Starting dose is 10 mg. It can be increased to 20 mg if there is no expectation effect; decreased to 5 mg if the side effects are insufferable. Those who has BPH take 5 mg at the same time every day. If a man take Cialis for ED treatment the daily dosage is 2.5 mg without timing.

8. I have taken Viagra and now Cialis. Is it normal if I can’t ejaculate?
Lack of ejaculation can be the result of antidepressant usage. Therefore it’s recommended to take antidepressant medication after sexual intercourse. There is one more source of ejaculation lack. It’s very possible that the dose you usually take is a too heavy one for you. You can decrease it by half. Your penis won’t lose hardness and sensitivity but ejaculation will revert.

9. Can my girlfriend become pregnant if I take Cialis?
Tadalafil, the actual substance of Cialis, doesn’t destroy the sperm structure and doesn’t influence their fertilization function. It just increases the amount of blood flow to the corpus cavernosumpenis, which leads to a natural erection. And the erection involves the release of sperm that can lead to pregnancy. Therefore, if the pregnancy is undesirable it’s necessary to use contraceptives.