Healthy lifestyle as a prevention of ED

A healthy man – who is he?

A truly healthy man is a man in a good physical shape, with a steady and strong psychological state, a strong-willed, purposeful and positive. He has no bad habits, he keeps on a healthy diet, and he watches his health purposefully. This man has got:

  • healthy heart and blood vessels,
  • well-developed respiratory system,
  • stable psyche and strong nerves,
  • reliable supporting-motor apparatus,
  • trouble-free urinary system,
  • right hormonal balance,
  • strong immune defense,
  • complete digestion,
  • healthy reproductive system.

Healthy lifestyle of a modern man

Many people believe that their way of life is absolutely healthy if they avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and junk food. But it turns out a bit more complicated:

  • Sleeping enough. Everyone knows how many hours he has to sleep to get a full relax. Someone needs 6 hours, another one at least 9. In any case, 5 hours – this is too little for the body, and 10 is too much. The activity and interest in life promote longevity.
  • Healthy eating. A healthy man shouldn’t overeat or starve. It can cause some problems with heart, vessels, hormonal axis and immunity.
  • Regular sport and physical activity. If the muscles, joints, ligaments and spine don’t get enough activity and work they become infirm. And the organism is weak and ill. A healthy man should do any sport (except cycling) to be strong and firm.
  • The absence of bad habits. Taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking ruin men’s health. So, smoking doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction by half.
  • Psychological resistance. Stresses, exhaustion, overfatigue, psycho emotional overstrain can destroy even a very healthy man.
  • Regularity in sex.
  • Regular sex without an overabundance of sexual partners contributes to the physical and psychological health.
  • Right clothing. It is necessary to give up close and narrow clothes especially in the genital area. Also a synthetic clothing is very harmful for sexual vigor because it leads to poor ventilation and overheating.

Medical health prevention

Modern medicine is able to maintain human health at a high level. Also diagnostics helps to timely detect the disease in a timely manner. So to prevent erectile dysfunction can help the following:

  • Measure blood pressure regularly and if there abnormality, please contact your doctor. It’s necessary to carry out checks at least twice a year.
  • Follow blood glucose levels if you have diabetes.
  • Normalize body weight, as obesity leads to impotence.
  • Measure the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Treat diseases of internal organs and urogenital system promptly.
  • Consult psychotherapist.
  • Take medication and vitamins.