If there is no sex?

In life sometimes sex becomes untenable. Women may perceive this with equanimity, not deigning to get het up over something relatively small. That isn’t usually the case with the opposite gender. A discontinuation or dry spell can be momentous. Triggering factors may include miliary service, long journeys, the illness of one or the other, pregnancy, or indisposition. Any expert will inform him that abstinence is harmful to health.

How does the lack of sex harm men’s health?

  • Firstly, it is bad for the male reproductive system. It may be most dangerous to the prostate. Stagnant processes in the prostate may lead to inflammation, and thus acute or chronic prostatitis. Also, sperm motility is deteriorating.
  • Secondly, prolonged abstinence leads to problems with ejaculation. Duration may be reduced.
  • Thirdly, the cardiovascular system of men suffers. As you know, sex is an excellent prevention of many diseases and heart diseases.
  • Fourthly, sex burns calories. Therefore, without it poundage may rapidly accrue.
  • Fifthly, sexual abstinence afflicts the self-esteem of men.

How to outlast sexual abstinence?

Sexual abstinence is a stressor for the male body. Over time, this accumulates and leads to depression, aggression, discontent with their lives, and chronic fatigue.

A good solution is to direct unspent energy in a different way. Some find a period of sexual abstinence to be an excellent opportunity for self-development.There are many options: work harder, exercise more, be creative, find new enticing hobbies. If it is associated with sport, then you have won twice. Physical activity helps to contend with the deleterious psychological state. Strenuous gaming relieves stress and helps to release aggression. Also during sports activities feel-good chemicals are generated. All in all a man should have a healthy lifestyle.

But if work, sport and a new hobby don’t help at all, masturbation can relieve a bit of sexual tension. However, it is worth remembering that frequent masturbation can escalate to the disease, where you want to masturbate constantly.

Sex after sexual abstinence

Male body is programmed to desire procreation. If sexual abstinence was forced and was not associated with a serious illness, the return to an active and quality sex life will pass without any harmful consequences. But, of course, there will be some problems.

– Short duration of sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation. Usually some time later this trouble disappears.

– Erection absence. There can be some reasons of the problem: man is unsure in his ability to good condition; he has some problems in personal relationship with the woman; he hasn’t got proper sexual stimulation. The first two problems can be solved by consulting a therapist, by talking with a friend, or having a frank conversation with a partner. The latter problem can be easily solved if a woman is beautiful, desirable and is able to deliver pleasure to the partner.

Erectile dysfunction.

There are different methods of ED treatment but only a doctor can assign a therapy. Nowadays men prefer medical treatment because there are safe and quality medications against ED.

Of course, many men realize that after a long abstinence they may have problems with the duration of sexual intercourse and lack of erection or its weakness. In order not to worry about it and make first coition after abstinence beautiful and pleasant, men should reinforce their health with special preparations. Viagra and Cialis have mechanism of action than can help.