Is Low Testosterone affecting your Sex Drive? How to Fix your levels and combat ED

Correlation between testosterone and sex drive

Testosterone, being the principal force behind the biological features of male procreation, does have an impact on horniness. Researchers have substantial evidence that testosterone and sex drive tie together rather closely. Larger levels infer enhanced desires for sex. Interestingly, according to a journal published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, results suggest that it can be used effectively to treat postmenopausal women with reduced sexual desire. This hormone is so potent it can be a Viagra Generic or a Lovegra (the female equivalent to the blue pill)!

Can you have high testosterone low libido?

There is not continually a cut and dry association. It is possible to have high testosterone levels and low libido. Lower levels are the root for some’s lack of lustfulness, however, there are many factors that influence one’s sexual appetite. Before leaping to any conclusions, talk to your physician to get your blood drawn and run an examination on your body chemistry. There may be an underlying determinant to your mindset that has nothing to do with hormonal imbalances.

Testosterone and erections

There is a rationale to believe that testosterone and erections are also related to one another. Studies have established the hormone may facilitate erectile function via ” acting as a vasodilator of the penile arterioles and cavernous sinusoids.” Castration (or gonadectomy, a surgical procedure resulting in low testosterone after the testicles are surgically severed), prevent most men from being able to get an erection. This insinuates a strong (but not absolute causal) relationship.

What’s the relationship with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction?

Research has found that low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are also related. Beyond interfering with your ability to yearn for sex, it can even disrupt your abilities to perform. Erectile dysfunction (ED), is a common diagnosis for men that experience difficulties (or inabilities) achieving or holding an erection long enough to finish a sexual encounter. It is normal that these levels naturally drop with age, steering a drip in lust overtime as well.

Can low testosterone cause ED?

Because scientists found that replenished levels of testosterone reverse the effects, we can infer diminished testosterone case cause ED in some cases. Go to a specialist and run some tests, you are far from the only one experiencing problems and professionals can let you know if that is really the problem at hand. Underlying medical conditions can also be guilty of plaguing you with decreased levels in the first place and it’s crucial you investigate these at the primitive warning signs.

Does low testosterone cause ed all of the time?

Although the two are typically correlated, don’t misunderstand. Low testosterone causes ED in some -but not all patients. There is a mental component to sexual performance as well. Although low testosterone is linked to depression, it doesn’t mean that the source of your problems has anything to do with your hormones. It could all be in your head. It can also be due to a separate disease or medication.

To revive testosterone levels, there are supplements (or boosters) you can take to boost your levels back. You can also bring your levels up a tad by altering your diet. Foods rich in magnesium and proteins can really aid your efforts (try eggs, tuna, meats, dairy products, spinach, oysters, shellfish, beans, egg yolk, fortified cereals, lobster, etcetera). If natural approaches are ineffective, you can also talk to doctors about pharmaceutical interventions (such as hormone replacement therapy or male enhancement drugs such as Apcalis or Viagra).