It’s not about the size of the boat: Everything and more on Penis Size

Is there a normal penis size?

One body part men fixate on since boyhood is their penis. As any doctor will tell you, one of the most popular questions is “do I have a normal penis size?” A lot of people get worried or insecure about it. On the other side of the spectrum of shame is overcompensation and pride. Remember, genitalia develops in an expansive range of shapes, sizes, and colors. While there’s no standard penis, there are statistics and science.

What is the average penile length?

The average penile length is about 3.5 inches soft. For whatever reason, if you were to forcibly stretch your flaccid penis, it’s about 5.3 inches. When it is erect, it is about 5.2 inches. Most men will fall around there give or take. What you have when you leave puberty is yours for life. Some differences between races and countries exist, but they’re close.

What is the average penis size?

Those concerned about girth and width, studies measuring and calculating average penis size (the measure of the thickness of the shaft). A much bigger discrepancy between hard and soft is present in this case. The circumference of a lax penis is around 3.7in and erect is about 4.6 in around. There weirdly no distinct correlation to predict the size of an unaroused johnson vs. boner.

Can you change your penis size?

No, contrary to what companies may insinuate, there is little to nothing you can do about the size. No supplements, exercises, vitamins, medication, or oils that can get your manhood bigger. There is one surgical procedure FDA approved (Penuma), however, it is expensive and painful. This procedure developed by Beverly Hills urologist, James Elist, involved implanting a silicone rod under the skin of the shaft. They come in a variety of sizes to chose from L, XL, and XXL.

The cost is estimated at nearly 15k in out of pocket expenses. There are people who claim a penis pump helped. Honestly, gaining confidence in your body image is the key.

What size penis do women prefer

Asking “what size penis do women prefer” is akin to asking them their preference in hair color or personality. Different girls have different tastes. While the stereotype is that girls only want large penises, what they really want is enjoyable sex. Having a certain size penis isn’t going to inherently you a sex god-in reality, if you’re generously hung, you risk hurting her.

Does penis size matter at all?

Not really. Depending on how you stumbled across this article, that answer may be good or bad news. If you are worried that your penis size is contributing to problems in the bedroom, maybe try to take a step back and examine other factors that may be contributing to your turmoil. How is your emotional relationship with one another? Do you open up and trust each other? How comfortable are you? Do you fight often? Financial or employment status can also take a toll and increase arguments. Do you communicate with your lover and guarantee their needs are met. It could be a matter of the motions or positions you use -hence it’s about the motion of the ocean. More times than not, women are dissatisfied with the duration of a sexual encounter. Being able to maintain an erection and bring your partner to climax is an entirely separate entity to penis size. This can be achieved regardless of your proportions.

Unlike changing size, these can be fixed. A marriage counselor can help you through emotions and concerns no matter your relationship status. There are also many treatment options available for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Maybe you’re a therapy session or a prescription for Viagra or Cialis Generic from satisfactory sex life.