Penile Health 101: Everything you need to Know about Your Penis (and more)

Nearly every man has a penis, and while you may see it frequently, it doesn’t mean you know a whole lot about male reproductive anatomy. While we have all learned it in class, very few people are able to identify the different parts of the external genitalia -even fewer can label the internal system. Knowing more about it may help you learn how to take care of your body.

Externally, you have three distinct structures. The trio is comprised of the penis (the shaft), the scrotum (the ball-like sack where you hold your testes- hence the slang balls), testes, and the epididymis (duct behind the testes that the sperm use for transportation). Internally, we have the accessory organs which are the vas deferens (transfers sperm to urethra ejaculate), the prostate gland (contributes to liquid and secretes nourishment for sperm), seminal vesicles (provide most of the liquids going into semen and furnishes nutrients for energy source for sperm), and bulbourethral (Cowper’s) glands (produces fluid that lubricates urethra for smooth ride and manages acidity caused by residual urine and makes it sanitary).

Altogether, this system helps create and promote excellent sperm for baby making (including secondhand orgasms).

The flaccid penis

This refers to the primary form of the penis. This applies to when it is soft and hanging with no excess of blood flow to allow for sex. This is the state you will spend most of your time in and is smaller and thinner when compared to an erect penis.

Biology behind erections

Erections are when there is the presence of blood flow excess causing your penis to grow and become stiff and no longer hang. While you typically see them pointing up, it can point at different angles and directions. An erection is often associated with sexual arousal but can be triggered by anything -especially when you are undergoing puberty and you get excited. Using certain medications such as Viagra, Malegra, and Suhagra can also cause this physiological effect.

Penis facts

  • Your penis will be full grown sometime between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Most men have up to 5 erections while they sleep
  • The average penis is about 3.5 inches flaccid and 5 inches when erect
  • Male fetuses get erections in the womb
  • Shoe size is independent of your willy
  • Ducks have a curly and complicated corkscrew dong which compliments their abrasive mating tactics
  • Many mammals have evolved keratinized “penile spines.” These barbs can keep position during courtship and can irritate the vagina to deter the female from pursuing another mate (OUCH)
  • There is no correlation between shoe size and penis length
  • Angel lust, or a terminal erection, happens at death
  • Your penis has no bones, but you can break it in disturbing phenomena called a penile fracture
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is no relationship between the length of an erect and flaccid penis
  • Dr. John Harvey Kellogg -yes the cereal guru -invented cornflakes as lead Americans away from masturbation
  • To end with a reassuring penis fact -despite very old school or religious views, there is nothing unhealthy about masturbation -it is normal and has a lot of benefits

Managing Penis health

Penises are great -penis health is crucial. You are going to want to keep your penis in shape so that you can get the most out of it. This means regular doctors visits and STD checks, but it also means learning to recognize when something is off. If you feel pain, have a rash that won’t go away, or are expelling penile discharge (pretty much any substance coming out of the penis that isn’t semen or pee).

You need to make sure to regularly clean your genital region when you shower (and take extra care to clean foreskin if you’re not circumcised). If you feel any lumps on your testicles or penis, visit a physician immediately to check up on this.

If you notice that you are not satisfied sexually, speak up and contact the necessary professional. You’d be surprised how much a few therapy sessions or a little Viagra may change your life.

How to increase penis sensitivity

Having a more sensitive penis will also revolutionize your life. In order to increase penis sensitivity, you need it in top health. Basic hygiene takes you a long way. Always keep it clean, moisturize regularly, and switch up in the bedroom every now and again.

Educating yourself about your own body can really do wonders. Stay smart and learn how to keep yourself healthy and strong.