What is Testosterone and How to Boost your levels Without Medication

What is Testosterone

Many of us have heard the mention of the hormone, but what is testosterone exactly? This is the primary sex hormone in men. In fact, the levels of testosterone are what contribute to the development of the male reproductive system (organs and genitalia) in the womb. It also has an impact on the physical appearance and behavioral expression of men. They are the reason for sexual dimorphism in humans- causing more body hair, deeper voices, fat distribution, and larger muscle build. Beyond outward appearances, they are responsible for sex drive, sperm regulation, and aggressive tendencies. At puberty, levels increase until around 40 where they plateau and begin to decrease.

Can you have a testosterone deficiency?

Low levels of testosterone are thought to have an impact on male health. While there is still no solid causal links, but experts have uncovered associations between deficient testosterone and diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, heart disease, and blood pressure problems. Replacing levels will not cure these diseases and it doesn’t appear that low testosterone is the cause -so it’s a chicken and egg scenario. All researchers agree on is that reduced levels may be the result of poor health and risk increases with age.

How to increase testosterone

You replace testosterone. There are several ways to approach this depending on the intervention methods that work with you. If you are comfortable with pharmaceutical interventions, there are many treatment options. Hormone therapy is one option -and actually, the one recommended to transgender patients searching for a deep voice and fitting body proportions. Some male enhancement drugs also result in higher levels. A longitudinal research study found how to increase testosterone when investigating the impact of prescriptions on the testes. Sildenafil (the chemical found in Viagra and Nizagara) lead to increased serum testosterone levels. A study even found it increased androstenedione and oestrone increase, which suggests a pivotal role in adrenal steroidogenesis.

Do testosterone boosters work

If you’re not a fan of big pharma and medications, you may be wondering do testosterone boosted work. Luckily they do! These natural vitamins supplements are meant to supplement. They cannot adequately supply an average testosterone level but can accommodate in combination with other treatment methods to boost levels. Additionally, they can help prepare your body to get that masculine physique.

Natural testosterone booster

Certain diets are rich in a chemical that ultimately increases your testosterone production. Foods like garlic and onions can do this. They naturally contain a plant chemical called flavonoids which help your sperm get powerful. Consuming a lot of proteins, especially from meats and seafood can help. Magnesium can also act as an effective natural testosterone booster.

How to boost testosterone naturally

If you’re interested in how to boost testosterone naturally, without inserting anything your body, you can first work on your activities. Beyond diets are a nice workout and weightlifting. Exercise and intense activity naturally pump out hormones. Physical strain aside, keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum is also an effective solution natural low testosterone treatment.

If you suffer from clinically low testosterone, you may need to analyze all of the above options. Additionally, natural low testosterone treatment may not be enough and you should contact your physician about what decisions would be available to you to bring you back to normal.